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Air conditioners, like any mechanical system, need to be maintained in order to remain functional. Here at Stone Heating & Air, we recommend regular air conditioner maintenance to extend the life of your system and ensure that your home is cooled efficiently. Your home air conditioning system can develop small issues over time that may not necessarily cause it to break down, but these problems do impact how efficient your system runs and how much power it needs to operate. Your utility costs may rise due to these issues.

Typically, new air conditioning systems work quite well early in their lifespan. However, we regularly see systems that have had no maintenance done for years. These systems break down more often and may even become irreparable due to a lack of maintenance.


What Our Routine AC Maintenance Includes


Standard AC maintenance is designed to check the condition of your system, its many different parts, and the level of the fluids used to cool your home. Over time, many of the frequently-moving parts in your air conditioner will wear down. Eventually, they will break and need to be replaced. Unfortunately, if this happens during the summer, you may have to spend a day or more in the heat.

By maintaining your air conditioner, however, we can prevent these emergency repairs. When we evaluate your system, we will make a list of any parts that are showing their age and recommend replacements for them. We never recommend anything we don’t believe truly needs to be changed, allowing you to save money on pointless parts. If one of our technicians suggests a part is worn down, it is. We will also recommend adding fluids and refrigerant when necessary to ensure your home can be cooled quickly and for as little energy as possible.

During our maintenance visit, especially if it’s the first time you’ve had us perform maintenance, we will also look at the overall system in relation to your home. If we notice that the system is too small, outdated, or is not energy-efficient, we will discuss what this means for your home and what steps you may need to take in the future. We’ll also check to see if we need to replace the filter on your AC system.


Why Have AC Maintenance Done?


There are a number of reasons why having AC unit maintenance done at least once a year is important:

  • It increases the lifespan of your air conditioner.
  • It allows us to catch problems early and make repairs so emergencies don’t occur.
  • It improves the efficiency of your system, reducing your utility costs.
  • It keeps your home more comfortable.


Why Stone Heating & Air?


Why should you choose us for your air conditioning maintenance needs? Stone Heating & Air has years of experience in air conditioning and HVAC maintenance, repair, and installation. We are fully insured, certified, and licensed, and we have experience working with a wide number of nationally recognized brands. We strive to provide the best service to each and every customer. We keep all of our prices fair and affordable, and we back all of the work we do 100%. If you’re in need of air conditioner maintenance, contact us today for a free evaluation.

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