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time for furnace replacement longmontDo you need Longmont furnace replacement services, or can the unit just be repaired? It’s a common question homeowners ask when their furnaces start having issues. Repairs tend to be less expensive, but at a certain point it is a better decision to just replace your furnace. Paying attention to how your furnace operates can help you know if you should repair or replace the furnace. Here are five warning signs it’s time to replace your furnace.

The Furnace Is More Than 15 Years Old

One of the biggest signs that it’s time for a new furnace is simply its age. Most furnaces last between 15-20 years before they need to be replaced. Over time, the furnace can start to break down and lose efficiency. Even the best furnaces eventually break down due to old age, no matter how well they are maintained. If your furnace is younger than 15 years old and starts to have issues, it is often a better choice to simply make the repair. However, if your furnace is older than 15 years old, it might make more financial sense to replace the unit instead of repairing it. Older furnaces also typically require more maintenance. If you noticed your repair costs starting to add up, it could likely be time to simply invest in a new furnace.

Your Energy Costs are Increasing

Increasing energy costs could be a sign that your furnace is losing efficiency and wearing out. Older furnaces have to work harder to produce heat, which takes more energy. Less efficient furnaces waste more energy, which means you’re likely paying more money to keep your house at the same temperature because more of the energy you’re buying is escaping. Increased energy costs could also signal other needed repairs, but if nothing appears to be broken, it is likely your furnace just working harder.

The Furnace Makes Strange Noises When It Runs

Pay attention to the sounds of your furnace when you turn it on. If you hear a strange buzzing, humming, or rattling sound, it could mean that the furnace needs to be replaced. Strange noises tend to not go away over time and will likely get worse. A strange noise can come from a number of causes, some more major than others. Ratting could signal loose ductwork that can be repaired, but it could also mean the motor is out of balance or on its last legs and needs to be replaced. If you aren’t sure about a sound your furnace is making, an HVAC technician can investigate the problem and recommend if the furnace needs to be replaced or if it can be repaired.

The Home is Heated Unevenly

A furnace that is on its last legs will likely have a difficult time heating the entire house to the same temperature. If you notice that some rooms of the house are warmer than others, it could be a sign of uneven heating. Make sure that the vents are open and clear in all the rooms before jumping to conclusions.

There Is Dust or Debris Around the Vents

If you notice more dust than normal around the vents, it could signal that the furnace is losing its ability to clean and filter the air. Soot around the furnace registers could also signal that the dampers are losing their ability to control airflow within the ductwork. Start by changing the air filter to see if it makes a difference in the amount of dust. If a clean filter doesn’t solve the problem, your furnace is likely losing power and is no longer strong enough to filter and heat the air.

Paying attention to these five signs that it’s time for a new furnace will help you know when your furnace is likely to break down. Also giving attention to changes in how the furnace operates can help you know when it’s time to use furnace replacement services.