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4 Reasons to Schedule Your Fall Furnace Tune-up

young girl enjoying indoors during fallFall is the time for football, cooler weather, pumpkins, and furnace tune-ups. After the hot summer months of blasting air conditioning and before the harsh winter months of needing constant heat, fall is a great time for Northern Colorado furnace tune-ups. The in-between weather gives you time to make sure your furnace is in working order before winter hits without the stress of needing a functioning furnace as a winter storm rolls in. And with the unpredictable weather in Colorado, snow could come at any time, so it’s best to be prepared with a quality furnace.

Here are the four top reasons to schedule your fall furnace tune-up.

Take Preventative Action

It’s a principle that applies to everything from car maintenance to your personal health: taking preventative action is always better than waiting for the worst to happen. The same is true with your furnace. Instead of waiting for your furnace to potentially break down during the coldest months and having to wait for an HVAC technician and pay expensive emergency rates, a furnace tune-up acts as a preventative action. It can pinpoint areas that need to be repaired before something bad happens. Even the simple act of cleaning and tuning up the system can help avoid larger issues down the road. Putting in the work to proactively take care of your furnace will keep it in better working order for longer and help you avoid having to make major last-minute repairs.

Invest in an Important Part of Your Home

The furnace is often the unsung hero of the home. It isn’t flashy or stylish, but it’s vital to creating a safe and comfortable home. Most people don’t think much about their furnace when it’s doing its job, but as soon as it stops working, the furnace becomes front of mind. Invest in one of the most important parts of your home by showing your furnace a little TLC with a fall tune-up. Putting in the time and money now can greatly extend your furnace’s lifespan. A furnace naturally experiences wear and tear as it gets older, but a tune-up can erase much of that and keeping it working nearly as good as new. Without a tune-up, this important device has to work harder, which will likely make it die sooner.

Lower Your Energy Bills

Everyone wants lower energy bills—being energy efficient is good for the environment and your budget. One of the easiest ways to lower your energy bill is to make sure your furnace is working at peak efficiency. A system that is dirty, broken, or has parts that need to be tightened has to work harder, which requires more energy and can increase your bill. On the flip side, a clean and well-maintained furnace works much more smoothly and doesn’t waste energy. The cost of a furnace tune-up is nothing compared to the money you can save with an energy-efficient furnace.

Keep Your Furnace Warranty

A warranty is a valuable promise that can help cover much of the cost of furnace repairs. However, most furnace manufacturers require homeowners to stay up to date on their regular maintenance in order for the warranty to stay valid. It can be tempting to skip regular tune-ups if you have a warranty that will cover repair costs, but skipping maintenance could negate the warranty and leave you with a broken furnace and no help repairing it. It’s better to be safe than sorry by having a clean furnace and holding on to your warranty.

Fall means it is time for Northern Colorado furnace tune-ups. Taking the time to get ahead while the weather is pleasant will help during the cold winter months and give you peace of mind that your furnace will keep you safe and warm for a long time to come.

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