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Stone provides quality residential heating and cooling in Longmont. For our clients, we offer full-service residential HVAC installation, maintenance, and repair options in Longmont.

If you’ve lived in your house for years or if you’re just moving in, we can assess your situation, recommend the right products and services for you, and create options that will save you money and leave you living in comfort for years to come. Need a new furnace to replace your ancient unit? We can find you the perfect product for your home and budget and get it installed quickly.

We know you don’t always have the time to sort out your residential HVAC issues in Longmont in time to be prepared for the next season. That’s why we work hard to install your HVAC units the right way the first time and fast.

We can help you with all your new construction HVAC needs, including unexpected issues that inevitably pop up. Whether you’re building a brand-new building on your property, setting up your house for the first time, or building an addition to your home, we can add HVAC services to your property.

Stone Heating & Air has an excellent reputation of working closely and responsibly with home builders, contractors, and individuals.

When you hire a residential HVAC company in Longmont, you should expect the best. With Stone, you can rely on our technicians to perform the HVAC installation on your new home the right way the first time.

Residential Heating in Longmont

You have enough to worry about with your new construction project without dealing with HVAC issues. Our technicians are well-known in the area for working well with construction crews and home builders to place an excellent home heater system in every Longmont home.

If you need a home furnace in your new Longmont house, you can rely on Stone Heating & Air to handle the installation. Even if you’re only building an addition (plenty of work and headaches with this project as well), you’ll need home heating systems experts in Longmont ready to help you set your home up for maximum efficiency for your HVAC devices.

One way we take the headaches out of HVAC issues in new construction is by keeping in compliance with every quality assurance, state, and municipal regulation applicable. Our home heater technicians in Longmont are experienced with new construction projects and we use that experience to determine what needs to happen on site to install the HVAC system properly.

Our work in the community on new homes and additions has earned us a reputation for excellent HVAC workers who know how to build out the best home furnaces in Longmont for our customers.

Home heating systems are put to the test in Longmont every winter, and every winter we get dozens of customers calling us about repairs and maintenance. With our team of the best home heating repair experts in Longmont, you can rest easy knowing that your home heating service will be taken care of in a fast, efficient, and quality manner. In any new construction project we work on, we work within your schedule to create the best possible timeline for everyone. With every installation and servicing job, our technicians always perform a thorough inspection to ensure that we won’t have to come back and fix any problems with the installation.

Residential Air Conditioner in Longmont

As with our home heating installations, our home air conditioner installation work in Longmont has helped countless businesses and families cool off in the summer. Our technicians build in your AC units so that your entire house is cooled off in the hottest months of the year.

We can even help with vent setups and help you come up with a plan when you’re creating new spaces in your new home.

If you decide that your new building needs a home air conditioning unit installed in Longmont (highly recommend for summer here), we can make it happen and ensure that you’re not throwing money away on inferior products, inefficient cooling units, and bad installation. We also ensure that you get the most bang for your utility bill buck with our AC units, saving you on cooling costs throughout the summer.

Our home air conditioner technicians in Longmont make it easy to install and maintain your AC unit. A new home air conditioning unit can make your summer in Longmont much more comfortable, whether it’s installed in your home or business. Our home AC repair specialists can work with your Longmont business or home to get your cool air flowing again quickly if they ever fail.

No matter how old your AC unit is, we can help you make it run more efficiently and avoid emergency breakdowns.

Home air conditioner repair is a common task for Stone Heating & Air in Longmont. Regular home air conditioning service is crucial in Longmont to prevent the need for frequent repair jobs.

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For all your needs for residential heating and cooling in Longmont, contact us to see what we can do for you. We offer home air conditioning service for our friends’ and neighbors’ homes and businesses, so you can avoid uncomfortable and inconvenient AC breakdowns.

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