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5 Steps for Fall HVAC Maintenance and Cleanup

house image for fall hvac maintenance tipsAfter the heat of summer and before the cold of winter, fall seems like a welcome break of fresh, brisk air. It’s also a break for your HVAC system, which has been working tirelessly to keep your house cool in the summer. Fall is a great time for Longmont HVAC repair and maintenance. Taking the time during the fall to get your HVAC system in order can prevent the hassle and cost of expensive emergency repairs. It doesn’t take much to check on your HVAC system this fall, but it could make a big difference.

Here are five fall maintenance and cleanup tips for your HVAC system.

Replace Air Filters

You should hopefully be in the habit of changing your HVAC system air filter on a regular basis, but fall is a good time to refresh the habit and start fresh with a new filter. The air filter may seem like a simple thing, but it has a huge impact on the quality of your system. A dirty air filter makes the system work much harder to push air through and can cause damage, increase energy costs, and shorten the lifespan on your HVAC unit. For best results, change your air filter every one to three months. You should change it more often if you have pets or during seasons when you run your air conditioning or furnace more frequently.

Remove Outside Debris

As the leaves start to fall, they can easily clog your outside air conditioning unit. Debris, leaves, and other items can get in the way of the system working properly and cause serious damage. To keep your system working smoothly, clean out any fallen leaves on a regular basis and trim back bushes and branches. Get in the habit of checking on your outdoor unit regularly to make sure nothing is in the way of it working properly.

Remove Inside Debris

Just like an outdoor unit, the indoor register and ducts can also face issues if they aren’t cleaned regularly. Think of it as the fall version of spring cleaning—run a wet cloth over the register to collect excess dust and dirt. The same goes for ducts: make sure they are clean and open. After the initial deep clean, get in the habit of regularly touching up the register and ducts so they stay fresh and clean. Fall is also a good time to make sure the vents aren’t covered by furniture or other items that could restrict airflow. Covering a vent can actually make the HVAC system work harder and cause you to miss out on hot or cold air that you’re paying for.

Listen to Your HVAC System

Sometimes the easiest way to make sure your HVAC system is running properly is to simply listen to it. Turn on your heater and listen for any unusual noises, like clanking or rumbling. Check to make sure warm air is coming from the vents and that the system runs until it reaches the desired temperature without turning off early. Strange noises can signal a loose or broken part and could be a reason to hire an HVAC professional.

Get an HVAC System Tune-Up

Instead of forgetting about your HVAC system for a season, try thinking ahead and planning for the future. Fall is a great time for an HVAC tune-up. An HVAC professional will look at the entire system to make sure everything is running properly. You can rest easy knowing your system is ready for winter instead of running the risk of your furnace breaking during the frigid winter months. Preventative maintenance is also less expensive than emergency repairs. As a bonus, many furnace warranties require you to get regular maintenance to keep the warranty valid.

Now is the season for Longmont HVAC repair and maintenance. These five steps for fall HVAC maintenance and cleanup will ensure your HVAC system is in working order and ready to keep you warm and comfortable all winter long.


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